Thursday, February 4, 2010

So very sorry once again for posting so late! These appointments two days a week are really wearing me out now. My whole body hurts! I am just now realizing it is not that easy carrying twins! :)

So far things are staying pretty stable and there have been no drastic changes. This is very good, although with the all the complications we have going on things can change for the worse at anytime. I am very confident now, though, since I have now reached one of the big milestones: 30 weeks!:) All of the doctors are so happy that I am still pregnant! Now we are looking to 32 weeks. If I do make it to 32 weeks with no major changes, we may take it a couple more weeks. Like I said, what we have been doing since week 21, just watch and wait!

The boys fluid levels are pretty much staying the same now at each appointment. Baby A, the small baby who is now named Price :), now has around 4.5cm and Baby B, the bigger baby now named Lander :), has around 7.5. We are watching each closely for signs that may mean we need to deliver. At each appointment the main concerns for Price are his blood flow and whether he is still growing or not. He now weighs 2lbs 1oz. We check growth every 2 weeks. If his blood flow ever gets reversed or if he shows no signs of growth or slowed growth for him, we will need to deliver. I know he is going to be a small baby, but pray that he is well developed. It took him about 8 weeks to gain 1lb, so he is going to be small at birth.

The main concerns for Lander at each appointment are to check his body, skin, brain, heart, organs, etc. for hydrops, which means fluid build up. We also have to watch his heart very closely to make sure he doesn't go into heart failure from all of the fluid and blood he has to tolerate. He also still has the arrythmia that we have to watch. He now weighs right at 4lbs. He is actually pretty big for his gestational age, so we have to watch him for signs of distress because of this. Being too big is not so wonderful for him, so we also have to watch him and see how he tolerates this. If either of the boys show any signs of distress, we will then deliver. Like I said, my bags are packed!

On Monday, we have another appointment with the pediatric cardiologist to check their hearts again, especially Lander's. We also have our regular old ultrasound appointment. Brandon says the boys are movie stars because they get to be on the tv so much! ;) We also have tons and tons of pictures! The good thing about all of this is that we do get to see these sweet little boys every week! I love it! ;) They are too cute! I think they may have my big ole' lips! ;)

We want to thank everyone for all of your prayers and support. The Lord has been so very good to us, and blessed us beyond measure! He is so mighty and powerful! This whole experience has helped us grow in him, and I know he has a great plan for all 4 of us! We still have a long road ahead of us, but I know without a doubt we will make it through!

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