Friday, March 12, 2010

The Boys are here! 2/18/2010

Goodness! It has been a while since I have been on here! Alot has happened and we have been so very busy since the boys came into this world!

I had the boys on Feb. 18 at 6:04 and 6:06pm to be exact! Price Oneal Humbert was born first weighing 3lbs even, and then Lander Philip came right after weighing 5lbs 5oz! I went in for my regular scheduled appointment that day totally not expecting anything to have really changed. During my ultrasound the tech noticed a big drop in Price's heart rate. His heart rate had dipped into the 50's and stayed for a little while. I had no idea about this until I thought I was leaving and instead they told me they were going to take me to have their heart rates monitored. As I was being monitored everything was going good. Both of the boys heart rates were good. As I started thinking, I told the doctor I thought I may have had a contraction during the ultrasound, and that maybe that was when Price had the decel. I prayed right then and there for the Lord to let me have a contraction so we could see if that was the case. The Lord answered my prayer right away and sure enough there was a contraction, and little Price's heart rate dropped until the contraction was over! God is so good! If not for that contraction I could have went home, and something could have happened to both boys! I know are boys are here now because God let me have that contraction! He is so powerful and I have seen it first hand!

So then I was rushed over to the hospital, in an ambulance, even though the hospital was right there! Bethany was with me and told the ambulance driver my whole life story! She was taking pictures and we were laughing at how everything was happening! She was so very silly, and made everything so much less stressful! The Lord planned everything perfectly! :) Meanwhile poor Brandon is so very nervous because I called him at work and told him to come down because I was going to the hospital. The first thing the said was "Oh no I ate BBQ today! I think I am going to throw up!" All I could do was laugh! He is so crazy! I love him so much! When he got to the hospital he looked pale and paced the floors up and down! I think he was more nervous than me!

At the time we still weren't sure that we were going to have to deliver that day, but sure enough as we got into the hospital room Price's heart rate drops again, this time for a little bit longer than before. The thing about MUSC is that it is a teaching hospital, as you all know, and there was like literally 20 people in my room running around doing all sorts of different things! I felt like I was in a dream! The high risk OB on duty was in performing a c-section at the time, but saw Price's heart rate drop in real time on a monitor in the OR. Later he came and spoke with us about what he thought needed to be done. He said we could stay and be monitored more and see what his heart rate did, or go ahead and do a scheduled c-section that day and not make it an emergency. To me it made sense to not make it an emergency c section, and not put my babies at risk any longer, so it was an easy decision to make!

I went in for surgery around 5:45pm, and still couldn't believe we were about to have two babies! As I said at 6:04 and 6:06pm our little miracles were born! Brandon got to see them being born and I could here their little cries! Such a wonderful moment!! I didn't get to see the boys until about an hour or two later. They brought them in separately in isolettes, but each had to be whisked away fast as Lander was having heart issues and Price was having breathing issues.

The next morning a doctor comes in and tells us we need to sign papers for them to perform and emergency blood transfusion on Lander as he was losing a lot of blood when they took out his umbilical line. All day we waited to hear something back. Every time we called to see if we could go up and see them they would say give us another hour. This put us on edge, but deep down we knew everything would be fine.

Sure enough the boys are doing pretty well considering what they have been through! They are now 3 weeks old! Really only 35 weeks old and still supposed to be inside of me! They are still both in the level two care unit at MUSC. Lander weighs 6lbs 6oz and is so chunky! He is taking all of his feeds by bottle and steady gaining weight! He does have Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome, meaning he has at least one or two extra electrical pathways in his heart making him have episodes of tachycardia. He also has skipped beats or premature atrial contractions. He is on medicine for this and is doing well. Price now weighs 4lbs 3oz! He is getting so big! He is having some issues with not having enough oxygen in his blood, and he has VSD or ventricular septal defects, which are tiny holes in between the septum of his heart. He may also need to go on meds to make sure not much blood gets to his lungs. Even with the problems they have, we are so very blessed and happy that they are here with us!! We can get through anything with God! I have no doubt that we can handle anything that needs to been done for these two precious baby boys God has put in our lives!! We love them so very much and thank all of you for all of your prayers! They made it hear because the Lord listened to all of you!! Thanks so very much!


  1. How are the babies doing? You dont know me, but I have been following your journey, and have been stalking daily for an update! My prayers have been with you and your family!

  2. Hi Cindy! The babies are doing wonderful! They are both home now! Price just came off of his oxygen today, but still has to be on a monitor just to be watched closer. He will probably be off of it in a few weeks! Price now weighs 6lbs 5oz! A long way from the 3lbs he was born at!! Lander is doing awesome! He is doing regular old baby things! He weighs at least 8lbs or more now. We take him back to the cardiologist next week and they will weigh him again there! All in all they are doing great! I am so blessed to have them here with me! Thank you so much for keeping up with us and praying for us!! You are one of the very special people who prayed for us and the Lord heard you!! Thank you so very much!!

  3. AWESOME NEWS~ One of the reasons your blog was of special interest to me is my niece is pregnant with triplets right now, and 2 are identical girls, which they had (YES HAD!!!)been watching them for the TTS. All is well now though, and would love to hear updates on your wonderful babies as well! I will pray for them always!!! Thank you for taking the time to answer my comment!

  4. I hope everything goes well with her triplets! Such a blessing that they will be! :) We just found out that they did not have TTTS but rather SIUGR, growth restriction. Price only had 10% of the placental share with a velamentous cord insertion, and only a two cord vessel! Such a little fighter! It is a miracle we made it to 32 weeks! They are such a blessing! Hope everything goes well for your niece! I will be praying for her and her precious little ones! :)