Monday, April 19, 2010

Pictures of our boys

Here are some pictures of our little fellas! They are so cute!! Both are doing well! Lander now weighs 10lbs and Price weighs 6lbs 5 oz at last check! Price is the one with the big pacifier in his mouth!! He is now off of his oxygen and will hopefully be off of his monitor in about a month or so! They have both been home now for a month!! They are now two months old, but their original due date was April 13th! Really they should only be a week old! Such little miracles!


  1. They certainly are gorgeous! Look forward to moer pictures as they grow!

  2. My niece had her babies on 30 April, and all are home from the hospital and doing fantastic! Two of them weighed 3 lb 11 oz, and the small one was 3 lb 7 oz. They came home on their 2 week birthday!!! Anxious to hear more on your beautiful boys!