Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Latest update

Once again I am sorry for posting so late! We had another appointment on Monday. Everything was pretty much the same, but the fluid levels are still off. I also had to go get another fetal echo done on both of the babies hearts. The bigger baby, baby B, still has an arrythmia. They also found that he is having runs of 3 or 4 beats that are 350bpm. The doctor said that it is not happening that often, but is happening none the less. Something else to watch. Now I have to have fetal heart rate monitoring once a week to make sure it doesn't turn into runs that happen over a 30 to 45 minute period. This is called atrial flutter. The main thing they will be checking is to see if his heart is in any kind of stress because of all of the excess fluid and blood that his little heart has to pump. If it is ever stressed, we will have to deliver. I am 27 weeks now.

I have another ultrasound appointment tomorrow. Please be praying that the fluid levels can even out. I am not sure how much longer baby B can tolerate so much fluid. I am starting to get more nervous at each appointment because I just want to get them here safely! It is starting to take a toll on me. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support! We couldn't make it through this without them! This has been such a trying time for us. It helps to know so many people care for our boys just as we do! Thanks again!


  1. Hey sissy =) Im so glad that todays appointment went a little better!!! Im so ready to meet my lil nephews!!!! Ahhh They can't get here fast enough!!! I love yall so very much! God is gonna take care of those boys and make sure everything is okay!!! MUAH!!!

  2. Brandon and Brittany ya'll are in our prayers. God is got his hands on ya'll and those babies. Love, Bridgett Cooper