Friday, January 22, 2010


I am so sorry everyone that this has taken so very long for me to post this time! I usually post from Brandon's laptop, and he has been working really late all this week. By the time he gets home I am ready for bed!

I am now 28 weeks and 3 days. We had another appointment today. Everything is pretty much staying stable for now. Fluid levels are staying stable also. The smaller baby, Baby A, actually had a little bit more fluid today. They found a pocket that measured around 4cm. This is great! He now has more room to move, and he sure knows how to flip and flop now! His blood flow is staying stable also, although they did find some instances of absent flow again today. We will just have to keep a close eye on it. Both boys are very active and have grown. The bigger baby, Baby B now weighs 3lbs. 6oz. The smaller baby gained 6oz and now weighs 1lb. 11oz. He is still small for his gestational age, but is still growing so that is a good sign! We would like for him to at least make it to 2 lbs. before we have to deliver. I pray he will be there at my next growth check. Both boys also passed their nonstress tests with ease! This is good also. The doctors told us we had a "boring" appointment today! But for us "boring" is wonderful! ;)

They are hoping they can at least make it 4 more weeks with things staying stable. If I make it to 32 weeks and things are still stable they may let them stay in a little longer. We just have to wait and see. Please be praying that things can stay stable for at least 4 more weeks! Our little boys will be here before we know it! We are still trying to decide on names. It is harder than we thought! I promise they will be named soon though!

Once again we want to thank everyone for your support and prayers! Our God is such an awesome God! He is answering our prayers and has kept our little boys safe thus far. I trust him completely and know he has a wonderful plan for both of our cute little boys! I can't wait to meet them! They are so cute on the ultrasound pictures now! Thanks again everyone!

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