Friday, January 15, 2010

Today's appointment went well. The fluid levels on both babies were looking better! Baby B, the bigger twin, had around 8.2 and Baby A had around 3.2. Much better readings than last week! Normal ranges from 2 to 8cm. God is so good! I just hope they can stay this way for a while. They always seem to fluctuate. This was the first appointment that we didn't leave there with something new to worry about! Praise God! What a relief!

We also have to do tests called BPP's, basically nonstress tests, on the babies at every appointment. This is done to check signs of health on both boys. They check for breathing, movement, fluid levels, heart rates, etc. Both boy passed yesterday's testing. We also have to check the bigger twin for signs of any fluid build up on his body and heart failure as his fluid levels are so high and he has more blood pumping through his body. So far he is hanging in there! Next week we check growth again. Please be praying that the smaller twin is still growing. If he has shown no signs of growth they will be looking to deliver sometime very quickly. He is still very small, so I pray he can at least make it to at least 2 pounds before we have to deliver. His slow growth is due to his small share of the placenta and only having a 2 vessel cord instead of the normal 3. He also has less blood flow.

Please be praying for growth of the smaller baby. I pray we can at least hang on until 30 or 32 weeks. Thanks once again everyone for your prayers and support! It means so much to Brandon and me! We love each and every one of you! God has truly blessed us!

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