Monday, January 4, 2010

Today's Appointment

Today's appointment went pretty well considering! I kind of knew what we were in for if everything was staying pretty much the same, which it was. The only thing that was off today were the fluid levels. The bigger baby had 9cm today and the little baby had 3.5. One level went up and the other down, but not too major of a problem. The little baby also grew 6 oz so this was wonderful news that he is still growing! Lets hope he keeps it up!

God is so good! I went in today with a list of questions to ask, but before I even got to them the doctor had already answered them! It was great! They actually were right on with the plan that Brandon and I had decided to take with our little boys! It was so reassuring because here lately I felt like they haven't been listening to us at all! The doctor who is usually negative actually had a pretty positive attitude today! Praise the Lord! We were also worried because we saw an ultrasound tech today that we had never seen before, but she was awesome! We also actually had a doctor come in himself and check some of the readings again. This was such a blessing to us! They really care! We were told that every doctor and specialist in the obgyn office know who were are and know everything about our case. This is also very reassuring! They say we are the talk of the whole office! :)

Our new plan as of today is for me to now be seen twice a week with ultrasounds and stress tests of the babies. I will be going in every Monday and Thursday every week. They also gave me steroid shots today to help develop the lungs of the babies because we are more than likely in for an early delivery. They say everyday we can keep them in the survival rates go up. If we can make it to 28 weeks our chances are even higher. I am now 26 weeks! I just hope we can at least get two more good weeks! The latest they will deliver will be 32 to 34 weeks. That would be even better! Either way they will probably be here early! Brandon and I both feel very comfortable with this plan, and are glad the doctors agreed! I was told today though to have my bags packed and ready as I could be admitted or even deliver at any time from here on out. This kind of scares me, but being monitored twice a week means they will have a better clue as when we need to deliver. The reasons they will deliver right away are if the babies are in any kind of distress or if the blood flow ever gets reversed. These are reasons for a quick delivery. I pray that this won't happen though!

All in all things went well today! Our God is so awesome! Thank you everyone for all of your prayers! We are still really in need of them! God is listening! He has gotten us this far, and I trust he will get our little boys here to us! I am going to just keep trusting in him! Thanks again everyone! I hope you can understand all of this! It is hard to explain everything in writing! God Bless! ;)

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  1. I am glad the appointment was a better one. I am thankful the doctors were great to you!!! I am right down the road if you need anything. Ill be praying for you and all the boys!!!